History / 竹島 「日本領域参考図」 1951年10月22日     第12回国会衆議院  平和条約及び日米安全保障条約特別委員会 資料

「日本領域参考図」は1951年10月22日の第12回国会衆議院 平和条約及び日米安全保障条約特別委員会で質疑応答の対象となった地図である。この地図にあるのはマッカーサーラインであり、日本漁船の操業許可区域を示すために点線を引いていると政府説明が行われている。

History / Takeshima  The page 1203 of the Foreign Relations of United States 1951 Volume VI.




The page 1203 of the Foreign Relations of United States 1951 Volume VI.


Takeshima in Foreign Relations of the United States (the official documentary historical record )

This photo is the page 1203 of the Foreign Relations of United States 1951 Volume VI.

Foreign Relations of the United Statesは米国国務省の編纂による公式外交記録です。この書物の1951年Volume VI Japanの項目が収められている1203頁には南朝鮮が極秘文書であるとか存在しないとか主張しているラスク文書が引用され、当時の南朝鮮が独島と主張する島南朝鮮の物と認めるように米国に要求し、断られる詳細が生々しく記載されています。

We can easily find the fact that Takeshima is / was a genuine part of Japan.

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The Foreign Relations of the United States series is the official documentary historical record of major U.S. foreign policy decisions that have been declassified and edited for publication. The series is produced by the State Department's Office of the Historian and printed volumes are available from the Government Printing Office.
No "Dokdo" in the world !
"Dokdo" was spotlighted by Korean government's claim during the negotiation of territory of Japan.
Korea was not able to locate "Dokdo" at the time of 1951(July 19 and most likely after August 2 or 3, 1951) because they did not know whereabouts of the island. They could have easily located the island if they thought that Takeshima (Liancourt Rocks) was their "Dokdo", however, they claimed nothing about that. 

My guess is that right before August 9,1951, they were barely able to locate the island and answer it to the Department of State that their "Dokdo" was to be Takeshima (Liancourt Rocks).

This indicates that Korea did not regard Takeshima (Liancourt Rocks) as her territory until this point in time. In other words, there had been no "Dokdo" in the world from the beginning. Like "Parangdo" which turned out to be a delusional island. 

Anyway, they, both US and Korea, cannot locate "Dokdo" in the Sea of Japan until the beginning of August 1951.

In the other hand, to except Takeshima from the list was highlighted in diplomatic consequence among Allied. 

Above was clearly known with the transitions of drafts for the San Francisco Peace Treaty 

Final text of the treaty on September 8, 1951

Chapter I. Peace
Article 1
(b) The Allied Powers recognize the full sovereignty of the Japanese people over Japan and its territorial waters.

Chapter II. Territory
Article 2
(a) Japan recognizing the independence of Korea, renounces all right, title and claim to Korea, including the islands of Quelpart, Port Hamilton and Dagelet.

Korea has to admit these historical facts, or Japan and Allied can NOT admit the independence of Korea in the first place.

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Recommendable part : The pages 1202 - 1203 of FRUS 1951 Volume VI Part 1